Science 7-8
Instructor: Mr. King   
Religion Grades 4 - 8
Science Grades 7 - 8
5 - 8 Grades Religion
For all religion classes in 5th through 8th grade we will continue to learn about virtues this year as part of our Virtue Based Restorative Discipline program which we are beginning to implement this year. This will be in addition to our regular lessons. I will tie the virtues into the regular lessons where appropriate and also have occasional class circles and lessons on the virtues and living virtuously. For our All Saints Day project we will explore the virtues lived by the Saints chosen by each student. We will have a virtue of the month and also celebrate our successes in living the virtues.
5th Grade Religion
In 5th Grade we are studying the Sacraments. We are currently learning about Sacraments of Initiation beginning with Baptism. We will then learn about Confirmation and the Eucharist. We will learn about the Saints around All Saints Day and will compete our poster project and class presentations.
6th Grade Religion
6th Grade Religion will be studying the Old Testament for the remainder of the year. We are currently studying how humans after Adam and Eve struggled because of original sin and how this caused God to cause a great flood. We will study Noah and his family in the flood and afterwards. We will then learn about the period of the Tower of Babel. After that we will learn about the period of the Patriarchs beginning with the story of Abraham. We will learn about the Saints around All Saints Day and complete our poster project and presentations.
7th Grade Religion
&th Grade will being a chapter on the Holy Spirit as our helper and guide the week of October 23. We will then cover a chapter on God's promise of salvation in which we will look at the Old Testament prophecies of a Messiah and how they were fulfilled in Jesus. We will then study who Jesus as the promised Messiah. We will also study the Saint around All Saints Day and complete our poster project and presentations.
8th Greade Religion
Eight Grade will start a new chapter on honoring life and creation by living the 4th, 5th, and 6th Commandments the week of October 23. This will be followed by a chapter on respecting all people by living the 7th through 10th Commandments. We will also be discussing the Saints around All Saints Day and completing our poster projects and presentations.
7th Grade Science
The 7th Grade Science class is currently studying basic chemistry. We have just completed a lesson on the classification of matter and are moving into the physical properties of matter. We will learn about mass, weight, volume, density, electrical conductivity, solubility and boiling and melting points. We will learn how physical properties can be used to separate mixtures. The next lesson will cover physical changes and then we will finish this chapter with chemical properties and changes. We will remain in physical science/chemistry for the remainder of the 2nd quarter. This can be more difficult material for some students compared to life science so there may be a little more homework in this section. We will do labs and hands on learning whenever possible. We will have lesson quizzes about every week to 1.5 weeks. The current chapter is longer than most so I expect our chapter test to be the week of November 13.
8th Grade Science
The 8th Grade is currently studying Reproduction and Heredity, which will be finished the week of October 23. We will then move into Adaptation and Diversity which which will further apply the lessons learned in Reproduction and Heredity. We have completed a lab on predicting outcomes using Punnett squares and will be doing another on using pedigrees to help model the possibility of diseases being passed to future generations in a family. We should have our chapter 22 test on these topics the week of November 6. Study guides wil be given the week prior.
Grades 5 - 8 Religion
We will have a poster project for All Saints Day again this year for grades 5-8. Student instructions and grading guidelines will be given to students on Monday, October 23. The posters will be sure on October 30. The students will make oral presentations in class starting on November 1. The project will not require an essay this year so it should take a lot less time to complete compared to last year. We will devote some class time the week of October 23 to working on the posters.
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